I have followed the local political scene for years however until now I have never considered a seat at the council table. My views on some of the current issues we face are outlined below. These issues are important and solutions are complex however they should not be pursued at the expense of the fundamental requirement of Mayor and Council – to get things done, operate efficiently and effectively and respect the taxpayers who pay the bills.

Housing - Rental & Affordable Single Family

The complexities surrounding rental and affordable single family housing are significant however if solutions are not found and implemented we will continue to lose community members, have difficulty attracting young families and economic development will be stymied.

Defend the Environment

Environment – habitat – territory – domain – surroundings – conditions. These synonyms are all worthy of a concentrated effort to defend and protect. Historically Whistler by its very nature has been tied to the environment. I think by using the programs that are currently in place and building on them we can improve and advance our environmental performance going forward. All it takes is commitment!

Preserve & Build Quality of Life

Endless amounts of money have been successfully spent to attract tourists. We need to spend time and money to support us – the tax payer. Read more to see the initiatives I think the next council should aggressively pursue.

About Gord

Gord Annand and his wife Susan began their relationship with Whistler back in 1965 as renters and weekenders. In 1988 the two made their first permanent investment in Nordic Estates as second homeowners. In 2004 they parted ways with their Vancouver roots and moved fulltime to Whistler to pursue their outdoor interests in skiing, golf and the outdoors. Gord began working part time for Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Safety as Team Lead from 2006-2016.

Our issues are not unique to Whistler. They are common to many communities in British Columbia and throughout Canada. The incoming council will be faced with tough decisions and not everyone will be happy with the solutions however it is time to formulate a plan, take action and provide the taxpayer with a clear direction on how to move forward in an efficient and timely manner.

While it is critical for the mayor and council to move forward on these initiatives, it is also fundamental to involve the community in the most important decisions.


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